About Us

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The Shop in Princeton

After years of contemplating this venture, the timing was finally right! My personal tag line has always been, that I came from an artistic family, inspired my mom who was a true artist. My background includes some education in interior design, I belonged to a local artisan group for years, and participated in gallery shows. After a hiatus from creating, I returned to my passion as a means to fund raise for cancer. A cause near and dear to my heart.


Still, the timing was not right to open the shop, but I was getting closer.


A series of life challenges, has turned out to be opportunity knocking, literally on our shop door! Once an industrial shop, the shop is now under construction to showcase local artisans work, as well as my own!


I am thrilled that the timing is finally right, to reawaken my creative side, and to be a home for other artisans.


I hope that you follow along on our adventure, here and by making the trip to The Shop in Princeton.
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